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Challenges and Opportunities for New Medical Schools in Africa: The Consortium of New Southern African Medical Schools

Quentin Eichbaum, MD, PhD, MPH, MFA,
MMHC, BA (Hons), BSc (Med) (Hons),
Kasonde Bowa, MB ChB, MSc, MMed,
DPH, Paolo Pires, MD, Olli Vanio, MD,
PhD, and Peter Nyarango, PhD


Africa bears 24% of the world’s disease burden yet has available only 3% of global health care workers.1 The Medical Education Partnership Initiative (MEPI) has aimed to alleviate this health worker shortage by increasing training and infrastructure capacities at Sub-Saharan African medical schools. Financial awards totaling $130 million were made to 13 medical schools, most of which were established and with track records in graduating health workers. Very few newly opened medical schools which is expensive and requires static histology laboratories, VM is relatively inexpensive and does not require dedicated laboratory space or equipment.


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